I specialise in helping midlife women struggling with their body shape or size, who may be hiding behind dull and shapeless clothes, to understand how to dress to feel comfortable, happy and confident, by providing personalised Colour and Style advice

You don’t have to be rich or famous to use the services of a Personal Stylist, just a desire to feel happy, comfortable and confident in what you choose to wear each day.  As I’m sure you’ll have experienced, when we feel confident in how we look, we feel better equipped for everyday challenges and how we are perceived by others.

I help a variety of women to understand how to choose clothing that makes them feel happy and confident every day. You’ll learn why some colours and styles work, where others don’t.

As you’re here, I imagine you feel the need to improve how you feel about your image and to boost your ‘mojo’.  It would be my pleasure to help you on your journey ahead. I am based in Horsham, West Sussex where I offer in-studio consultations, but I also help you wherever you are based, both throughout the UK and much further afield, with my uplifting range of online consultations.  

I’ve always loved the effect of colour!  Over the last few years helping my clients, and through life’s experiences in general, I’ve noticed how much impact colour has on us even more.  For this reason, I am making Colour the focus of all the services I offer. 

 In addition to providing a Colour Analysis Consultation, we will also specifically include your personal concerns.

More details for each service are found via the buttons below.  Please contact me to ask any further questions and to book.

Colour is the quickest way to transform your look!  When you refresh your style, I’ll make sure it reflects your personality so you feel comfortable, confident and happy!

Thank YOU so very much for everything yesterday – you really did go way above and beyond what I expected!

You made the session extremely enjoyable and it was a total revelation discovering that I’m a different category from what I had thought.

Interestingly enough, I checked through my wardrobe after I got home and was pleasantly surprised to discover that I had quite a few cool colours.  I’ve still got orange, warm greens and reds (tops mainly) so now I have a raised awareness, it’ll be interesting to see how I feel about wearing them now.

Many thanks, too, for going to the trouble of taking and sending the photos.  The list of companies is also extremely useful as I tend to shop at very few so it’s good to branch out and see what others have to offer.

With many thanks, once again and I’m very much looking forward to my make-up session on the 25th.  I really do need to refresh that and I think that will be a revelation too!

With warmest wishes and much gratitude.


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Full Colour


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