5 Tips on how to introduce colour into your wardrobe after hiding behind black - Kathy wearing a fuchsia pink cardigan over black dress

As Autumn beckons you keep seeing adverts and posts about which seasonal colours to wear and buy. You think, ‘Yeah, they’re lovely but I can’t wear them, I can’t wear those colours. Maybe when I’m slimmer and toned up but not now’.

While you feel frustrated, you reassure yourself that you’re best keeping to black so you feel comfortable as it’s slimming. You feel safe in this, your comfort zone.

Black can be harsh, it doesn’t suit everyone because it’s overwhelming and ageing, reflecting dark shadows onto faces.

To feel more radiant and energised, try to introduce more colour into your wardrobe. You’ll find a variety of colours make you feel happier and less inclined to hide behind black. People will notice you as a whole and not the parts of your body you’ve been self-conscious about. 

 Here are my top 5 tips to help you begin: 

1. Use colourful accessories

Introduce a favourite colour through accessories first such as a scarf, earrings, necklaces, handbags and shoes.   Or try a seasonal on trend colour in these and with your nail varnish.

2. Use your eyes and hair for inspiration

Not sure which colour? Pick your eye and hair colour and wear them near your face, in a top, dress or accessories. These will always harmonise, highlighting your features.

3. Use other neutral colours

Experiment with other neutral colours such as navy, charcoal and taupe. You may find these as backing colours for brighter ‘pops’ of colour within patterns. 

4. Use colourful makeup

Add colour through your makeup. A slightly brighter shade of lipstick or lipgloss can make all the difference to make you shine. 

5. Learn what colours work for you

Discover the best undertone and range of colours that suit you personally. Knowing what works for you gives you the confidence to wear more colours and you’ll always have your palette to refer back to.


Colour Consultations

During my Colour Consultations, I often discover why individual women choose black. Through my trusted method of testing colours, I can show them how other colours compliment their features and complexion.  It’s great to see their excitement grow so they’re encouraged and confident to add more colour to their wardrobe.   

They go on to benefit from this experience, having a more interesting choice, and receiving more compliments.

Wearing your tested range of colours will mean you can mix and match items easily, making the most of each. Shopping will be quicker and you’ll avoid expensive mistakes or reverting back to black all the time.

To feel confident to introduce more colour into your wardrobe and life, just click the button below