Image shows the Chanel signs outside the Chanel store

Gabrielle Chanel also called Coco Chanel was and still is a true inspiration for all women. She was a very talented and creative French Fashion designer, who had ambitions to create her own line of women’s clothing. However, she officially couldn’t as she didn’t have a license – but that didn’t stop her. And, as they say, the rest is history.

To bring some Coco Chanel style into your wardrobe:

* Wear classic colours. The simplest and easiest way to nail the classic Chanel look is opting for the clean sophistication of black and white – you can’t go wrong! 

* The Tweed Jacket. 

* Add some pearls, gold chains or a brooch. 

* Espadrilles, Ballet Flats, Brogues and Pointed Pumps. 

* A Quilted Handbag.

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