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Colour Analysis is making a comeback! – said Lorraine and the stylists on her show on the 23rd of January 2024!

In truth, it’s never gone away and has always had a ‘magic’ ability to make you look your most healthy and youthful. It’s just that it’s currently being talked about much more, on platforms like TikTok and within newspaper features.

Traditionally, it was offered during face-to-face consultations and now you can get to know your colours with an online consultation too. Both methods are effective and impactful.


Boost Self Confidence

If you know and follow me, you’ll know I love it! I just love colour anyway but to be able to help people understand how to use it for the benefit of their self-confidence is awesome!

If you don’t know much about it and possibly think it’s about everyone wearing bright colours – let me reassure you, it’s not!


How Colour Analysis Works

It’s about finding a group of colours that harmonise with your unique colouring as we analyse the relationship between your hair and eye colours plus your complexion. Complementary colours that enhance your natural look will make you look vibrant and younger and feel happier and more confident.

As your professional Image Consultant, by using coloured drapes (online & in person) I discover and demonstrate the depth, tone and level of contrast of colours that harmonise and balance with your natural colouring, you’ll see the ‘magic’ unfold before you.



During the Lorraine programme on 23rd January 2024, they showed some clips of Lorraine being analysed by Sian Clark who trained with the London College of Style.  Sian used the method of Seasonal Colour Analysis.  In a later section, Mark Hayes the regular stylist showed us some models in colours that suited them and some ideas on how to rescue colours that are not their best.

One thing Mark didn’t mention during the modelling section of the programme was whether each model had a warm, cool or neutral undertone. This is very important during a colour analysis and how where appropriate we would then suggest saving a colour which you already have that isn’t in your given palette.  (One example for some is black when it isn’t a favourable shade for an individual).


My In-Person (face-to-face) Colour Analysis

As an independent consultant now, whilst I have trained in the seasonal system also, I work with a Tonal system which has been influenced by the Munsell Colour System. This is a widely accepted system of colour measurement and is used by the British Standards Institution and the US National Bureau of Standards.  It has been adopted by many companies within the building, painting, decorating and motor industries. If you colour your hair, you’re already using the Munsell system as it is used to code all tints and dyes.

During a Colour Analysis Consultation based on this system, I observe the relationship between your hair colour, eye colour and complexion then look to find the best shades of colours to harmonise with this.  The depth, undertone and purity/clarity of each colour will be chosen to reflect the depth of your colouring (light/Deep), your skin’s undertone (warm, cool or neutral) and the level of purity/clarity in your overall look. This means your overall look is in total harmony. The colour of your clothes should not overpower you or wash you out.  We want you to be visible and not just parts of an outfit.


Online Colour Analysis

I have also trained with independent specialists for online colour analysis. Using like for like i.e. digital drapes against a digital photo is very effective. I then follow up on my findings with you during a Zoom call. You get to see how the colours work against your colouring, just as you would in a face-to-face consultation.  I also look at a selection of your current garments and we discuss each. Where necessary, I make recommendations.


5 Reasons Knowing Your Colours Can Benefit You

Knowing Your Colours is a form of self-care: Why? So many reasons……..

  • You’ll know what colours suit you best and how to combine them, so you will be able to go directly to them when shopping, without trailing through rails and rails in shops.
  • Impulse buys will become Informed buys as you’ll have your colour fan/mobile palette to refer to. And this will help you to Save Money!
  • You’ll understand how your personality is linked with how you wear colour, and know how to change your look where desired.
  • You’ll be shown how to make use of colours you already have in your wardrobe, even if they’re not your best, along with advice on future purchases, so you have a great range to interchange with. And, build a sustainable wardrobe which you love.
  • Within your palette, we’ll not only find youth-enhancing colours but also ways to use colour to enhance your figure, help calm nerves at worrying or stressful times and how to make the impact you want.
  • And more…

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My process is thorough, valuable, friendly, fun and ultimately life-enhancing.

If you want to know more or to arrange a consultation for February onwards please just contact me by clicking the button below.  We can arrange a complimentary chat should you wish.