Colours are beautiful and so are you! Wearing complementary colours that enhance your natural complexion, eye colour and hair colour can make you feel more confident, happier, vibrant and younger.

What is a Colour Consultation?

There are various categories that we will look at during a Colour Consultation.  As your professional Image Consultant, I will use coloured drapes to discover and demonstrate the depth, tone and level of contrast of colours that harmonise and balance with your natural colouring.

Learn how to give yourself a non-surgical Face Lift with Colour!

What will happen during your Colour Consultation?”

  •  We will discuss your lifestyle, personality and current colour preferences.
  • We will then determine your individual colour categories using specialised coloured material drapes. This shows why certain shades suit you and others less so.
  • You’ll discover how to wear and combine colours to suit your personality, including patterns; and, how to co-ordinate your existing wardrobe so you can achieve more outfit combinations without necessarily buying more clothes.
  • You will receive guidance on where to shop, specifically how the current seasons colours translate for you and in particular where to find them.
  • You’ll experiment with a daytime make-up look so that you’ll see which colours make your skin appear brighter, younger and give your face more definition.
  • We also discuss the best colour of jewellery and glasses that will compliment your natural colouring.
  • Colour has the power to help us in many ways. I’ve therefore introduced the following aspects into the colour consultation and we will discuss any particular concerns of yours:
    • Youth Enhancing Colours
    • Figure Enhancing Colours
    • Calm Inducing Colours
    • Colours for Impact

Other people will notice and admire you, rather than an item of clothing you’re wearing.

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  • Mastering Makeup – makeup lesson /refresh
  • Tailor Made Combinations just for you

What will you take away from your unique experience?


Inspiration you’ll be inspired to make the most of mixing your best neutral colours, with ‘accent’ colours and your own WOW selection.

Confidence You’ll feel confident opening your wardrobe choosing what to wear each day so when you step outside you’ll not only look but you’ll also feel amazing.

Knowledge You’ll understand which colours reflect light onto your face, making you look your most radiant

How to save time and money You’ll save time choosing which colours to wear, making the right choices immediately which will result in minimising wasteful impulse purchases.

Tools You will take away with you the following tools to assist you in choosing combinations from your wardrobe and when you shop:

  • Fan of 36 colours
  • Your Personal Colour Guide (including make-up shades)
  • Style & Colour Trend update card
  • You’ll have the option to purchase/order any of the make-up that you try and like
Coloured Fans

Why not arrange to enjoy your Personal Colour Consultation with a friend? You’ll then enjoy seeing the magic on both of you and share this great uplifting experience.

What will a Colour Consultation cost?

Cost: £170.00 (or upgrade to a Full Image Consultation)

Duration: 2-2½ hours

Location: Colours by Kathy Studio – Horsham

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“Thank you so much for your wonderful session last Monday, for your warmth, care, attention and expertise.   I very much enjoyed it all and it really helped me take a bigger step forward to consolidating my Cool colours.  I really do see the difference when I wear my colour type both in clothing and make-up”


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Full Colour


Mini Colour