Men’s Colour Analysis Consultation

]It may have not been considered as a ‘manly’ thing in the past, but the importance of how image affects your life and career has become increasingly inescapable to men!

What is a ‘Colour Consultation?’

There are various categories that we will look at during a Men’s Colour Consultation. As your professional Image Consultant, I will be analysing which depth (strength), clarity (level of contrast) and undertone of colour echoes your natural colouring.

A man wearing the right colour near his face will ensure he has more impact and presence.

What will happen during your Colour Consultation?

  • After summarising your daily activities, lifestyle and personality, you’ll discover which shades complement your natural colouring and enhance your appearance. This includes the best colour options for shirts, ties and jackets in addition to shoes, belts and men’s accessories.
  • We’ll look at the best ways for you personally to combine colours and patterns for formal and casual wear.
  • You’ll witness how certain colours make you look fitter, stronger and assured in how you look. You’ll understand how colours influence the way you look and feel as well as how others respond to you.

“If you wear a uniform or protective clothing for manual work, you’ll want to ensure you feel great in your off-duty clothing. If you need to be ‘suited & booted’ at work, the right choices of clothes for work and play are important.”

Kathy Aldridge

What will you gain from your Colour Consultation?

Inspiration & Increased Confidence To try new colour combinations and fabrics. You’ll feel confident when purchasing new clothes as well as making the items in your wardrobe more interchangeable for your lifestyle.

Knowledge You’ll understand what colours enhance your presence.

How to save time and money You’ll be equipped to make wise decisions. You’ll reduce time spent on high streets or browsing shops online so you can use your leisure time in other activities and hobbies.

Tools – You will take away with you the following tools to assist you.

  • Take away a wallet of your personal colour swatches
  • Retail Reference list
  • Your Personal Colour Summary


What will a Colour Consultation cost?

Cost: £149.00

Duration: 60 Mins

Location: Colours by Kathy Studio – Horsham

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PLEASE NOTE: All ‘in person’ consultations will be undertaken with all government guidance for Covid precautions.