Wearing very little makeup,  I like the way this green brings out the colour of my eyes.

So, do you wear green?

It’s not a primary colour but reached by mixing blue and yellow. The more blue used, the cooler the green will be (think jade, fern, spruce) and the more yellow used, the warmer it’ll be (think olive, lime).

There should be a varied choice around now as a lot of the warmer greens are Autumn colours, with the cooler greens reflecting nature in winter.

In early modern Europe, green signified wealth. It’s also a colour associated with hope but on the negative side, envy.

In colour therapy, green sits in the middle of the spectrum. It has a balancing and peaceful affect on us, used to calm and regenerate.

We also associate green with health, wellbeing and nature. For example – green beauty.

I must admit that I didn’t wear much green until I knew my best colours.

Now, I love it! It suits my colouring, I receive compliments when wearing various shades of green, and I do feel calm and happy wearing it.! 😊😊