I understand if you’re sceptical about this way of receiving a Personal Colour Analysis.  As someone who trained in colour analysis face to face, I did wonder how it would work as I’d been used to putting coloured drapes near my clients faces and seeing the difference – either good or bad. I am so happy that I decided to train further during lockdown so that I could understand how online colour analysis works and be able to offer it as my go-to service.  We use photographs of you to assess your colouring, look for dominant traits and the relationship between the colour of your eyes, hair and complexion. Then, we drape your photo with our digital drapes and palettes to see how you look in each colour. I thought in the same way as you probably are – how can it work with a photo?  But, I can honestly say that it does.  I’ve been happily surprised and delighted.  We can see when colours lift and light up a complexion, or when they create dark or yellow shadows on the face. Here is an example of me and 2 digital drapes, hot pink and orange.  What can you see? kathy-with-digital-drapes-orange-pink My skin looks more vibrant, fresh and natural with the pink drape.  The orange drape reduces my natural colour and creates a yellow effect on my face with more shadows. I have a natural cool undertone to my skin, so this demonstrates how pink, as a cool colour, harmonises and balances with my natural colouring.  Whereas the orange, as a warm colour, is working against it. Would you like to find out which colours harmonise and balance with your individual colouring? – Just contact me to chat.