Mature lady wearing black hat, dark sunglasses and red lipstick

Helen Mirren on age-appropriate make-up (taken from an interview with Vanity Fair).

“I count myself very lucky to be still alive in a generation where the technology of makeup has advanced so enormously. In general, I think as you get older, it’s better to wear less makeup—or at least makeup that appears to be less makeup. It’s funny: When I do movies and the director’s like, “I don’t want her to wear any makeup at all!” me and the makeup artist look at each other and go, “He doesn’t understand.” If you wear absolutely no makeup—at least if I do—on camera, your expressions just [disappear].

You can use makeup so minimally and so beautifully that it looks as if there’s no makeup, but you can see a face! There is an eyebrow there; you can see a mouth; the eyes have power. On the other hand, it’s great to go mad and have fun. I’ve got huge false eyelashes on and a great big sparkly red lip. I’m not a rule maker myself.

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