Dressing well when overweight - lady trying to get in to jeans that are too tight

I want to reassure you that you can. It’s about understanding your body’s shape, curves or straight lines and finding garments that flatter these.  How to reflect your personality in what you wear will ensure that you are aligned with how you present yourself to the world.

Colour also works in clever ways to help you dress more confidently. You can use it to minimise the areas you don’t like and highlight those you are more comfortable with. 

Additionally, colour works wonders on how you feel.  Trust me, when you’re feeling urgh, colour works as a very effective pick-me-up and confidence booster. I use it all the time. I put on weight last year and need to lose it so when I feel grotty, particularly in January, I choose a range of my best colours to inspire and lift me up.

Comfort and Confidence are key

When assessing what to wear, it is important that you dress to feel comfortable, not just in the fit of the clothing but the style too. Comfort and confidence are key. Generally, you’ll have more curves than women wearing average sizes, and it is completely okay that you do. You will feel more confident when you come up with fun and stylish outfits that complement your figure and personality.

There are plenty of options out there, and you can make one of your basic outfits work to your advantage. Figure out what you like and use it to create your personal sense of style.

If you are busty, work to balance out the outfits that complement you.  V-necks work best on your top half and scoop necks also minimise a larger bust.  You can wear an abstract or floral pattern in light, flowery fabric or focus the attention on your lower half by wearing a darker plain top with more detail on your bottom half.

Well-fitting lingerie

Understanding what works for you is vital, not only in the outfits you choose but with underwear also.  Well-fitting lingerie will make you feel comfortable in your skin and smooth any bumps you’re self-conscious about.  Your curves will feel natural.  Supportive underwear is great as it offers tremendous support. Marks & Spencer always has a good selection and Bravissimo specialises in helping.  During a Full Image or Style Consultation, I offer further guidance in this respect.

Pay particular attention to where any item of clothing finishes on you. Avoid sleeves finishing at your bust if you have a full bust, as this will bring the eye to that area.  Similarly, choose a skirt or dress to finish at the slimmest part of your legs.

If you don’t have a defined waist, avoid belts, and use longer tops that drape over your stomach.  If you’re concerned about your hips/bottom area, choose tops that finish before the widest part.

Wear clothes that fit you properly

If you want to dress stylishly when you are overweight, wear clothes that fit you properly. If your clothes are too big, such as large tops, wide ‘tent-like’ dresses and baggy pants, they will make you look bigger.   If too small, especially around your stomach area, they’ll cling, be uncomfortable and not look good.

Clothes that skim your figure enhance your look, and wearing one colour with a pop of colour in accessories will help you look taller and slimmer.

You can also use colour to make you look slimmer by wearing one colour in a dress, for example, then wearing a jacket or waterfall cardigan in another colour. This will provide a vertical line and draw attention downwards.


Strategic use of accessories also has a big effect on our appearance when we’re overweight or feel ‘too big’.  You can use long necklaces to draw attention away from a larger bust or short necklace to draw attention up near your face.  Eye-catching areas will also ensure attention is on your face.

The clothes we wear play a huge role in the way we feel inside and how we project ourselves to the world.  I understand how frustrating it is to feel unhappy about how you look, I’ve been there!  Helping you feel happy and comfortable is my mission, something I love to do.

All my style and colour consultations are personalised for you so that you gain the most benefit.  My approach is empathetic and experience-led. I don’t use tape measures and understand your pain and frustrations. You are invited to book a complimentary call to discuss your needs.