Image of 3 ladies who have pear shaped figures wearing exercise outfits

If you find it hard dressing for your ‘pear’ shape, you’ll have narrower shoulders than hips and wear a smaller size on your top half.  Your waist is defined, and you have curvy hips.

Your main goals are to:

  • Minimise your lower half with clothing that is plain and darker than the top half. 
  • Extend your shoulder and bust line so you’re effectively maximising your top half.
  • Highlight your top half with colour, pattern and accessories.

What clothes should I be looking for?

In order to broaden your shoulders, look for tops that help do this such as Bardot style, boat neck, cap sleeves and tops that have horizontal stripes.

Fitted styles with padded shoulders and waist definition are your best bet for jackets and coats. Breast pockets on jackets, particularly denim jackets. Biker jackets give more definition to your top half. Ensure they do not end on the wider part of your hips.

When buying jeans, look for a feminine style/cut, high-waisted and with a bootcut.

You’ll undoubtedly find that separates may fit more easily than dresses and jumpsuits as you can choose different sizes if necessary.  Fluid-style dresses or an empire line may be a possibility so judge and try those individually to see how they are for you.

Wear belts to highlight your waist and choose skirts with some stretch, a bias cut, a slight A-line or a flip style.

Trousers need to be flat-fronted with no side pockets, to avoid extra width on the sides.  

When choosing fabrics, your top half will be best with medium to heavy weight (adjust appropriately in summer, choosing more texture & pattern) but softer and drapey material for your bottom half to follow your curves.  A medium weight with some stretch should be comfortable for you too!

Styles to avoid 

Styles to avoid are vertical stripes, pleated skirts, halter necks and texture on your bottom half.

During my Full Image Consultations and Style Consultations I look at all aspects of your body shape, scale and proportions. This ensures you understand what styles will work well for you individually and what items to avoid. We talk about your particular concerns and work to minimise any of these.

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