Kathy of Colours by Kathy wearing a fushcia pink cardigan with hands over tummy

How do I hide or disguise my tummy?

If you’re worrying about this, rest assured, you’re not alone!  Most women hate a tummy bulge showing in outfits and always want to know the best tricks to hide this.

1. Trim your middle/torso with an open jacket or cardigan. 

It’s an illusion but framing your belly with a contrasting colour jacket worn open over a shirt, t-shirt, top or dress works to reduce the width of your body right at the waistline from a front view.

Choosing a light jacket that can be worn inside will ensure maximum use. A sleek structured jacket like a blazer gives the sharpest line, but even a cardigan, vest or shirt-jacket will give similar results.


2. Long flowy dresses can actually be your tummy’s best friend.

I’ve certainly found this.  They provide camouflage and often have a creative and romantic edge.  I suggest you ignore any belted versions or shorter dresses with belts as these will just highlight the stomach.

Look for looser styles with a horizontal seam hovering above such as an empire line, or just below the waist. As long as you ensure you find the right fit, don’t worry about the design, it will skim any bulges.

You can give a nod to the current trends with the season’s favourite colours, as long as they complement your colouring. Also, look for print designs that suit your scale.


3. Unless you have a very slim waist that you wish to highlight, untuck your tops.

Wearing tops loosely will hide the tummy bulge.


4. Shift the attention elsewhere such as a striking and pretty neckline, or your legs.

When you don’t want attention in one spot, diverting it to another is one of the simplest ways to deal with this.

5. Dress in one colour.

This really elongates the silhouette, providing a leaner and slimmer look.  Matching or closely matching tops and bottoms will register as a column of colour, even if the fabric and texture are different.

If you struggle with areas of your body that you don’t like, why not work with me and I can show you specific tips to get the most from your body?