How do i find my personal style - 3 cartoon ladies dressed in different outfits

For those of us who are not fashionistas, film stars or general celebrities, we can often think a sense of our own style is not important when there are so many other things to worry about, and that it’s only a small matter in the bigger scheme of things.

However, we are the centre of our world and how you feel is vital to your emotional happiness and approach to each day.

Your Style

Accordingly, your style is very much about your personality and knowing how you want to portray this to the world! Our clothes are a second skin, so your style is how you uniquely assemble outfits and express yourself through your clothes and overall image.


Step One

If you want to fine-tune your style or are at the start of expressing the real ‘you’ in what you wear, start by writing a list of how you would describe yourself on the inside; the characteristics you want to share with the world.

Examples are Driven, Dramatic, Caring, Considerate, Open, Friendly, Fun, Determined, Successful, Creative, Relaxed, Optimistic, Laid-Back, Credible, Magnetic, Sophisticated, Modern, Eccentric, Powerful and Approachable.

If you predominantly feel laid back and relaxed, would you feel comfortable and ‘you’ in a fitted suit and stiffer fabrics?


Step Two

Secondly, think about whether you want to stand out or blend in. Our colouring will also have a say in this, but as a conscious decision, do you prefer to be seen? For anyone who does, an aspect of their appearance may be a conversation starter!  Or do you generally prefer to blend in, stay in the background and maybe choose specific times when you’d happily make a little statement with an accessory such as a bag or favourite piece of jewellery?

Sometimes, this answer will not be a straight yes or no. It can depend on your lifestyle, your work, and the variety of your activities plus occasions. For example, I always loved my friend’s creative rock-chick style which reflects her love of music and job within the music industry.

If I went to a music festival or gig too, I liked to choose clothes with a touch of ‘rock chic’ such as leather trousers or skirt, with a long jacket and stylish t-shirt, or layer jewellery in a creative way.  I couldn’t go to my previous office work regularly dressed in such an outfit as it didn’t feel appropriate.  I would’ve been concerned that it appeared as though I didn’t focus on our work.

Do you choose something from your wardrobe that you wear for an hour, 5 minutes or that goes straight back in, lingering there for ages?  If a garment fits you properly and you like the colour on you, this will come down to whether your personality matches the style of the garment/outfit.  If it’s not in sync, it just doesn’t feel like you and you’re not comfortable.

If you are very efficient and like everything to be streamlined and minimal, I doubt if you’d be happy wearing fussy detailed clothing. 


Step 3

To build a wardrobe of clothes you love, where they truly reflect you, also list the adjectives that best describe how you would like to look.

For example, Arty, Chic, Low maintenance, Well Groomed, Understated, Wacky, Elegant.

Compare your two lists. When choosing clothes think of pieces that you feel reflect these descriptions and qualities.  You’ll find it useful to refer to your combined lists before buying new clothes.

If you’d like specific professional guidance and someone friendly but objective to help you, my Personalised Style Consultations and my ‘Love it or Loathe it’ Wardrobe Consultations will be beneficial. Just contact me here.