Image of 1 lady in 3 different outfits - black dress, grey jacket and black trousers, red top

I’m often asked, “How do I look slimmer” by my clients so in today’s blog I am sharing some tips to help you with looking slimmer.

No style or colour of clothes will physically take away those pounds/kilos of weight we’re not happy about. But we can use them strategically for our individual body shape, scale and proportion so that we create a silhouette that looks slimmer.

The most slimming colour

Black is generally considered to be the most slimming colour but it’s not necessarily for all colouring types. If you’re not happy with your weight and want to look and feel slimmer, you’ve undoubtedly considered black would be your best bet.

Yes, darker colours recede so that any area dressed in these colours will recede and be camouflaged.  Black, however, contains light too which makes it intense and bright. This means it will be overwhelming if your colouring doesn’t match the strength, depth, or intensity. In fact, it can be the least flattering base to wear if you have a fair or warm complexion as it can drain you of your natural ‘blush’, create dark shadows on your face, and make lines or uneven skin tone look more pronounced.

So rather than help you look slimmer, it can make you look drawn, tired, or older.

As you’ll want to look great from head to toe; your most vibrant and youthful, I’d recommend other ‘neutrals’ that work in harmony with lighter, warmer and softer complexions. You’ll find varieties of grey; navy and taupe will look better.  Medium depth shades will provide a slimming effect, without the adverse ageing factor.

Black is a colour that you will find all year round and I appreciate most of us will want to wear it at some point. Therefore, if you have fair or warmer colouring, it would be beneficial to break it up away from your face with jewellery, scarves, or sheer material.

How Do I Use Colour & Style to Look Slimmer?

1. Create a balance between your colouring and the clothes you wear. Aim to bring your body – with the clothes you wear) in harmony with your head – your colouring.

2. Wear a larger size if necessary! You don’t want to feel or look like a squashed sausage. When I was in my early twenties, two friends and I literally pulled and pushed a pair of jeans on another friend as she was adamant that she was wearing them! Even to this day, I don’t know how she survived that evening with her stomach clamped down! It’s normal to be reluctant to go up in size as it can make us feel down. However, forget the number on the label and focus on how the garment makes you feel.

3. Wear a column of colour! Wearing one colour from head to foot is slimming and one of medium depth will be a good choice for most people, apart from where you have very light colouring. The more you break up colour, the more you’ll bring focus to those areas.

4. Wear a darker colour on the outside of an outfit such as a jacket or cardigan with brighter and lighter colours running up and down the middle part of your body.

5. Add layers. Contrary to popular belief that layers add bulk, using thinner layers will cleverly take the eye away from areas you don’t like for example, such as down past your stomach. Adding layers will also provide definition as loose baggy clothes will do the opposite and not make you look slimmer.

6. Wear a supportive bra and smoothing underwear. As with anything, we need to build great base to make everything else look good.

7. Wear vertical stripes. This will create a longer, leaner look. Avoid horizontal stripes.

8. Use accessories wisely. Necklaces and scarves can cleverly bring the focus up to your face and away from any areas of concern. Similarly, longer necklaces and scarves can break up an area to make it look smaller.

9. Wear colours from the same harmonious category/family Cool colours together or warm colours together, rather than mixed will be in harmony and make the eye slide over them easily creating a slimming effect.

For personal advice in relation to your scale, proportions, and body shape, I’d recommend a Full Image Consultation – (Smile Plus) consultation.  I can also personalise your colour session to finding not only your best colours but the most slimming mixtures also.

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