Image contains 2 ladys, 1 on left is wearing a teal blue cardigan over black top and trousers, 1 on right is Kathy from Colours By Kathy she is wearing purple flowing vest top over white skirt

In this blog “How do I minimise the top half of my body” I am sharing with you 6 tips you can experiment with that will help to minimise the top half of your body

1. V-necks, wide scoop necks and wider square necks will break up the bust area and minimise your boobs!

2. With higher necklines you already have & love, add accessories to take the eye away – down from this area with either a long necklace or scarf or up to the face with a shorter tie-neck scarf and shorter necklaces.

3. Consider the length of your body from shoulder to waist. If you have a high waist/little space between your bust and waist, don’t tuck in tops or wear ones that end at your waist. This will bring attention to your bust.

Tops & blouses that are longer will also take the eye away from the bust area. Tops with a longer length or with an a symmetric hem work well to balance out the top and bottom half of your body.

4. When wearing sleeves, watch where they end. If the sleeves end in line with our bust, they’re creating a horizontal line which emphasises this. (Move them up or down past this point).

Similarly, watch the very ‘blouson’ sleeves that are currently popular. The ones with long sleeves will generally drape well and not be an issue. But, shorter ones with a lot of ‘puff’ can make your boob area very prominent.

(I’ve still got to get a blouse altered I bought earlier in the year for this reason).

5. Wear a supportive/uplifting bra.

6. Wear outfits that move the eye vertically. Lines moving up and down the body will lengthen the body and slim the torso, making the bust appear smaller too.

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