How do you find the right coat and jacket for you? Image of 2 ladies wearing wool winter coats

I must emphasize the importance of the type of fabric you choose for your jackets and coats. Buying the right cut of jacket or coat for your body shape is also crucial to achieving a slim and flattering body line.

Your scale, proportions and height are all factors that you need to consider along with the type of thickness of the fabric.  Women with small frames need to ensure that they do not bulk up with heavy fabrics or too many layers.

If you have a full bust or broad back, check if there is too much fabric around the shoulders or sleeves. We often find in accommodating the back or bust, there is too much material elsewhere.

If you do not have a well-defined waist but more of a straight body line, you can look for jackets and coats that give the illusion of a waist in their cut and make you look slimmer. It’s best not to use a belt in these instances.

For curvy women, a deconstructed coat or cardigan in a knit or soft will look better and allow movement compared to a fitted coat/jacket in a heavier material. Heavier and fitted styles will add weight to your frame.

When buying a coat, as it’s often an investment purchase, consider your lifestyle and what is practical for you.  For example, a heavier jacket or three-quarter-length coat may work better for you if you are in and out of a car.

Straight Body Shapes

Single or double-breasted jackets work for you.  A boyfriend jacket, an edge-to-edge cardigan, a zip jacket and a long heavy-knit cardigan work for you.

Curvy Body Shapes

Deconstructed jacket or cat, waterfall jacket, belted cardigan, jacket and coat, shawl-collar jacket, wrap jacket, long wrap coat and swing coat.

Things To Remember

Collars should sit flat around your neck and across the shoulders and not gape.

Jackets and coats should lie flat across the bust and not pucker (the fabric is too thick for your body shape if it does!)

There should be no pulling across the back.

The bottom of a jacket should not finish at the widest point of your hips or bottom.  The bottom of a coat should end at the slimmest part of your leg.

If you want a coat to last a long time, choose one of your best neutrals so you can change the look by adding scarves. If you choose a fashion colour, you want to be sure it is one you’ll always love!

If you want my help to find the right jacket or coat for you, then please do get in touch and I’ll be happy to help.