Image is of Kathy in 3 different outfits, on left she is in soft jade green top with green skirt just below knee, middle photo is Kathy wearing dress and jacket and image on right is Kathy wearing a pink cardigan over a cream top and a ankle length skirt holding a pink bag

Do you instinctively choose the length of your clothes, go with what you can find and alter them where necessary, or just take what’s available?

When discussing aspects of style with my clients, I talk about hemlines as certain hemlines will suit us individually and for each body shape and height, you’ll find some are better than others.

The hemline on your clothes can make a difference

A maxi hemline on a dress is excellent for adding length to your silhouette, but if you are petite, it can easily swamp you, particularly if the fabric is voluminous. Instead, take the hem up slightly so that your feet can be seen.


Floor Skimming Hemlines

Floor skimming hemlines on wide-leg trousers are sophisticated and will create the illusion of a longer, leaner you. By floor-skimming, I don’t mean a trail of material, and avoid soggy hems! Just a few millimetres from the ground will be good.

Longer hems combined with high rises in trousers or skirts work particularly well on someone who has shorter legs; it’s an optical illusion that evens out your body proportions.

Midi Skirt or Dress Hemline


A straight hem on a midi skirt or dress can be severe and may highlight larger calf muscles or knees, especially in a straighter cut fabric. A dropped hem at the back is far more flattering.



Decorative Hemlines


Decorative hems such as handkerchiefs, sarong, scallops and flips can distract the eye from other areas of your body.

If you’re not sure, avoid hemlines finishing on the widest part of any area. If you’d like some personal advice and guidance, a Style Consultation will be really beneficial.

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