Looking good as long as possible - Image of Kathy looking upwards to camera wearing deep pink and photo of Kathy wearing black

We all want to look good as long as possible, don’t we? 

Suddenly, we reach a point where we notice that we look and feel older, maybe any excesses of yester-year have caught up with us!

Self-image is totally linked to our appearance and is central to our identity.

Seeing a changing face as we age can have a huge impact. Women today are expected to be slim, well-groomed, on-trend and young all the time.

How do we keep this up if we don’t want to go down the road of surgical intervention? The fear is real; being torn between growing old with fading looks or trying to keep them and possibly looking like someone you don’t recognise.

If we make our faces look better, we’ll benefit by feeling more confident inside. Making the best of your appearance in a way that suits you should make you feel contented for longer.

Wear the right colours nearest to your face

If you knew how powerful the effects of colour were up against your skin, it would save you a fortune in buying the wrong outfits or splurging on cosmetic surgery.

Wearing the right colours nearest to your face is seriously youth-enhancing.  It’s natural too!

Knowing your youth-enhancing colours is heart-warming!  This is the tool to make you look younger and feel better! 

However, one of the colours that can have the opposite effect, contrary to popular belief, is black! 

Wearing Black

If you have fair hair and skin, black can overpower you. It’s detrimental in these instances to ageing skin because it reflects up and casts shadows and emphasises lines on your face.

If you have a warm skin tone, black will flatten your complexion making you look older.

If you have a strong look with dark or cool hair and a cool skin tone, your complexion will generally be able to take wearing black.  But, there are still times when we’re tired, and an alternative colour would be more youth-boosting.

I’m not saying don’t ever wear black. I provide guidance, not strict rules. After all, you can always find black in the shops and it is smart.

My tip is to be careful and clever in how you wear it!

It can be as simple as keeping black to the lower part of your body!  Also, by using accessories in your complimentary colours near your face and opting for lace and sheer material in a LBD.

Understanding your ‘Dominant’ colouring and your skin’s undertone are the keys to knowing what colours really suit you.  

Do you know what colours will help give you a youthful look for longer? If you want to find yours, contact me for an age-busting colour consultation.

Stay Happy ..Kathy 😊