“Your makeup should never precede you, but walk with you!”

Estee Lauder

What makeup do you regularly use?

Some women answer ‘none’ and others say they won’t leave the house without it. I personally believe that skincare and make-up enhance our natural beauty, and we have the tools at our disposal to help us feel confident, even on ‘bad’ days!

What is a Makeup Consultation?

A personalised consultation, including a basic colour assessment for make-up purposes. Choose from:


  • Starting Out: A lesson for those who have not worn makeup before; a fast and simple makeup routine.
  • Refreshing: If you’re bored with your current routine, you’ll have time to discover the best makeup shades for your current look, with new application tips. We can experiment with alternative makeup styles for special events.

Why not arrange to enjoy your Makeup Consultation with a friend?  You’ll then enjoy seeing the magic on both of you and share this great uplifting experience.

What will happen during your Makeup Consultation?

  • We’ll start by discovering your natural colouring then complete a quick ‘makeup personality’ questionnaire that helps define what you’re looking to achieve from your consultation.
  • You’ll discover how to enhance your face shape and features quickly and confidently.
  • Gain further insight into the impact skincare has on the appearance of makeup and obtain personal advice.

What will I take away from my personalised Makeup Consultation?

I spent several years working for Clinique and the Estee Lauder Group, as well as Avon prior to working with Colour Me Beautiful so you may feel reassured that I can help you feel confident both choosing and applying makeup.  I now currently work with Tropic makeup and skin care products which are natural, vegan and cruelty free.

Inspiration You’ll go away with new ideas having discovered more colours, textures and application tips to enhance your natural beauty.

Confidence You’ll witness the colours that have the most beneficial impact on your look and having the opportunity to apply the make-up with guidance will help boost your confidence.

Knowledge Having been shown the colours that balance and harmonise with your eyes, complexion and hair colour, you will take away your new found knowledge.


Tropic Skincare and Make-up

I work with Tropic Skincare and Make-up which is natural, vegan and cruelty-free.  Should you wish to browse my tropic website please click here For any advice or guidance please don’t hesitate to contact me.

  • Your Personal Consultation Summary sheet
  • Your Personalised makeup personality summary

What will a Makeup Consultation cost?

Cost: £65.00

Duration: 1 hour

Location: Colours by Kathy Studio – Horsham

For ‘Online’ Consultations, please click here

To Book – contact me here!

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Full Colour


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