Everyone’s Style is naturally different which can very often change over time! This can be due to various reasons including physical body changes, emotional challenges, a different job role, a new location, care responsibilities or starting new activities and lifestyle.

What is an Online Style Consultation?

An Online Style Consultation is all about finding the styles, fabrics, shapes and accessories to suit you, using photographs and consulting using Zoom/WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

It is also important to establish the overall style that best expresses all aspects of your own personality.

Style Consultations are the basis of helping to develop a coordinated wardrobe which you get maximum usage from.

I specialise in helping women struggling with their body shape or size, hiding behind dull and shapeless clothes, understanding how to dress to feel comfortable, happy and confident.

By providing colour and style tips & tricks to help streamline your look, enhance your best ‘bits’ and camouflage any areas of concern, you’ll feel revitalised.

What will happen during your Online Style Consultation?”

  • We’ll start by getting to know your personal preferences, and your lifestyle including the activities and events you have planned. I will send you an initial questionnaire and request for specific photographs. This questionnaire will help determine which type of style (style personalities) you most relate to, plus any particular style you would like to aim for.
  • We’ll then establish and discuss your body shape so you can easily choose clothing to flatter you and enhance your natural shape and beauty.
  • Taking into consideration your personality, my advice will include the best clothing styles, fabrics, patterns, accessories and glasses for you
  • We will also look at several pieces of clothing and outfits during our time together, including ones that you don’t wear.  We will assess these looking at ways we can possibly make them work for you. I will give you other examples and specific guidance. 

“Style is something each of us already has, all we need to do is find it. ”

Diane von Furstenberg

What will you take away from your unique style experience?


Inspiration You’ll be motivated and eager to build a wardrobe that makes you feel comfortable and happy every day. This will help alleviate any worries about your shape, size & age

Confidence As you’ll be the sole focus of attention, the guidance given and overall experience will empower you to ‘walk tall’ and feel assured.

Knowledge If you’ve ever felt uncomfortable or not worn some of your current garments without knowing why, you will have your newly acquired knowledge to help you make informed choices in the future.

How to save time and money You’ll have the know-how to plan outfits with purpose, which will help you prevent any needless or ‘random’ purchases.

Tools You will take away with you the following tools to assist you in choosing combinations from your wardrobe and when you shop:

  • Personalised Style Guide, with advice, hints and tips.
  • Retail Reference list
  • Style & Colour Trend update card
  • You’ll have the option to order scarves, pashminas & make-up on the day


What will a Style Consultation cost?

Cost: £159.00 (or upgrade to a Full Image Transformation or follow-up with a Wardrobe Review

Duration: 2-3 hours (over 2 sessions)

Location: Online

To Book – contact me here!