Is it time for a Personal Colour Review?

Did you have your colours analysed years ago but now realise that your colouring has changed? Have you allowed your natural hair colour to grow through after years of dyeing it or have you made a change to feel refreshed?

“Colour is like food for the spirit – plus it’s not addictive or fattening”

Isaac Mizrahi – Designer

Wearing orange – because I had warm highlights in my hair back then and I loved the colour (but it didn’t love me!)

4 Years later – looking fresher, without shadows on my face.

What Happens During Colour Review

  • During this online session, you’ll be given an explanation of the Colour Analysis System used and which Colour ‘category’ is currently best suited to your natural colouring so you look your most radiant and youthful.
  • You’re also welcome to bring a couple of items from your wardrobe that you’re unsure about now. You’ll receive advice on which to avoid and the ones to save with a few ‘tweaks’.
  • You’ll also benefit from suggested combinations of neutral and accent colours to suit you now, including guidance on how to wear black. (This is invaluable advice particularly if it’s not actually included in your personal set of colours).
  • Enhance your look by knowing the best shades of make-up and accessories to choose.

What will you gain from your colour review?

When you know which colours reflect light onto your face, you’ll steer clear of colours that are ageing for you and cast shadows onto your face. This will ensure you start the day, happy and at ease with your choices

Renewed Inspiration and Confidence
Updated Knowledge

What will a colour review cost?

Cost:  £100

  • Replacement swatches are extra dependent on what you need
  • If your colouring has changed considerably you’ll need more time. You’ll also be able to purchase your complete new selection and wallet (Your total cost will then be the same as a Full Colour Consultation – £159)

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