I just wanted to say thank you so much for yesterday, I really enjoyed my time with you and your expertise has made such a difference, also thank you for your friendliness and hospitality.


Thank you Kathy for a very insightful look at colours and their ability to lift a persons appearance, emotions and confidence. Highly recommend your online session and will take my “Light” colour chart with me when I’m out shopping so I know what will work best for me

Sarah Lynn

I am still digesting and absorbing all the info you gave me, and sent me afterwards. You were certainly wind beneath the wings. Kathy, thank you!

Yvonne Whynn

Loved the whole experience of how and why of Kathy’s colour matching. It was a beautiful occurrence for me, highly recommend x
Amazing results!

Helen Hayes

Kathy Aldridge you are amazing. Your help and advice has made me change my shopping habits for the better. You put colour in everyone’s life!”

Kerstern Ashpole

I had a full-colour session with Kathy and at first I was sceptical about being able to see how the different colours would appear next to my skin tone but Kathy was spot on and I could definitely see how the colours affected my skin colour. I have now got loads of new colours that I never expected to work for me which is wonderful. I would definitely recommend anyone do this and you will be amazed at the results.

Debbie Liddgard

I’ve had the most lovely morning. You would think it’s easy to know which colours suit you. I was surprised to find out there are colours out there that make me look and feel better for wearing them.

She will try and test and tune the colours that work in your favour. Sometimes there’s only a couple of shades between fabulous and disaster! Horsham-based Kathy has always known how to put colours together, it’s a huge bonus that she’s now out there helping us to do the same. Highly Recommended.

Nikki Lambert

Kathy is passionate about helping women gain confidence through style and colour. She really knows her stuff and is excellent at showing what a difference her service makes. Always willing to help, warm and friendly, I really recommend her!

Karen Burge

Thank you so much Kathy. I thoroughly enjoyed chatting with you yesterday during my Online Colour Consultation. You really are extremely talented and creative, and obviously have an amazing ‘eye’ for colours. I feel so lucky to have found you. And the way you’ve adapted your work to the current situation is brilliant: I can tell how hard you’ve been working. You are also a truly lovely person, filled with kindness and warmth; I can genuinely say that meeting you is a healing experience. It was very restorative talking with you yesterday.

I am very excited to start experimenting with my new palette, and it will be so nice to be able to do this in the coming weeks and months as we hopefully go forward towards better times. A little joy and positivity is what we all need to try to recover from all the trauma of the pandemic. I’ll definitely remember your advice for my colouring, and to have colour in my home and environment -I’ll make sure my family do too – this is wonderful advice, thank you.

Maggie Wilson