Image of mature lady with long dark and red lipstick looking at camera. Back ground is dark

Lockdown has made me think – what should I do about the colour of my hair?

If you could get in a time machine, would you?

Do you make changes to your image as time moves on, or do you stick to what you’ve always liked?

Thinking about hair colour as we age, men often look charming as their hair goes grey or when they start to bald. A good example is Richard Gere in Pretty Women. They seem to take it in their stride. For women, it seems to be harder and a look we often resist. We have a dilemma, a conversation with ourselves and others.

Should we keep having our hair coloured or should we let it grow out so it’s natural? We often say “well, I’ll save money if I don’t get it coloured” and “but I don’t want to look older”. I know lots of women identify with this, especially during the lockdown. It’s important we’re comfortable with our decisions.

My client Andrea felt this confusion. When she had her colours analysed before she embraced the warmth in her hair and complexion. She chose colours of make-up and clothes to harmonise.

As lockdown progressed her roots were coming through as grey. Like other clients I help, she wants to be the best version of herself. Her worry was whether she should allow her grey to come through or to keep the red hair? If she went grey, what colours would then suit her?

We can’t go from red or brown hair to grey overnight unless we use a dye. Our hair goes through a transition period. Time may also affect complexions, giving more texture rather than a luminous sheen. I needed to consider the period between her warm look and the cool look she will finally need to reflect. Andrea is happy with the new shades and vibrancy of colours I have recommended for her in this interim.

Jamie Lee Curtis is a great example of a celebrity who embraced such changes. As a younger woman she had a deep, warm look and warmer colours looked great. Once she decided to let her roots come through, her hair was a blend of dark and light grey. Then, finally very cool. The colours she wears now are cooler to balance and harmonise. She progressed to the opposite of her youthful warm look but still looks beautiful.

It’s quite an emotional journey making us feel very unsure at times but we’re not alone.