Image of makeup compact, lipsticks and brushes on a white desk

Do you wear make-up generally?  How does it make you feel?  Wearing make-up is generally a question of personal style and personal preference, but sometimes dictated by the job you do.

Women wear make-up for many reasons, hopefully, because it is considered a positive and creative ritual.  It’s a moment of being absolutely engaged with yourself – probably in an otherwise busy life thinking of others.  I personally enjoy wearing make-up and have done it for years. As I love colour and have worked with make-up for some time, I enjoy creating different looks!

Many women use make-up to define their features and even skin tone.  A fresh even-toned face, without under-eye bags will look better than a blotchy face with dark shadows around the eye.

A contrast between the colour of a woman’s eyes and lips to their skin tone will add a touch of femininity.

If you have a natural style personality, where you prefer comfortable clothes to more classic or dramatic styles, you will probably prefer not to wear make-up, or wear little.  If you have a creative or dramatic personality style, you’ll undoubtedly like to play with colour and styles, as you do with your clothes.

There are no rules, except if your work denotes that you wear make-up, for example, in the case of an Air Hostess.  As well as requesting that their air hostesses wear make-up to give a professional and polished look, Virgin Atlantic ask their hostesses to wear red lipstick to harmonise with their uniforms.  British Airways goes further and asks for a specific red.

Nowadays, a lot of people take the time to ensure their make-up looks very natural, just to enhance their features.  I personally like to do this too, and like it when I find colours to make my eyes pop!  As we age there is truth in less is more – in that a natural look shows off a fresh face.

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