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A regular comment I see on group pages within Facebook, or general comments from women at midlife women, and beyond is ‘Whether it’s still worth caring about their style at that point’.  Judging by how I feel, and the customers my fellow image consultants and I see, I would say the answer is a resounding YES.

Very often women say they don’t care but deep down they care a lot, but they’re afraid their appearance isn’t good enough, they’re not good enough and the advancing of age affects their self-worth.

You’re never too old to care about style and how you look.

Iris Apfel

Icon of Style, Iris Apfel is 101 and is always very stylish in her own creative way.  You can take a light-hearted approach to style and have fun your way, as she has!

Iris only became a style icon when she was in her 80s after the Met Museum in New York presented an exhibition of her clothing and accessories in 2005 titled a ‘Rare Bird in Fashion’ and the documentary film Iris about her was made when she was already over 90.

This shows that you are never too old for developing your own style for your stage of life.  It can often!  It persuades us that we can embrace all that fashion and life have to offer at any time in our lives.


Do you feel your current wardrobe is ageing you? 

Firstly, think of the style of women you admire – what is it that you like about what they wear and how they wear each piece? Would some of it be suitable to bring into your lifestyle? How could you bring similar items into your wardrobe to make you feel special, whilst still being appropriate for your activities?  How could you adapt them?

Then, look through your wardrobe, picking out the pieces that you feel are ageing and are not enjoyable to wear. Why would you want to continue wearing anything you feel ages you or does not make you happy? Donate them to your local charity shop if they are still in good condition.  Or, if they were expensive, look to sell them on sites such as Facebook Marketplace and eBay.

Take another look at the clothing you have remaining, then pick out the items that you love to wear that make you happy.  If you’re happy, it shows, and you will look more youthful.  Try to find three items to mix and interchange with each garment you choose. 

If you feel you need something else to go with the items you pick, make notes, and think of what you could look for that will make an outfit to lift your spirits. Also, consider how you would wear the proposed clothing buy with other items.

When looking at the items you are keeping, put each piece of clothing that you wear near to your face, under your chin. Do this whilst standing in front of a mirror in good daylight.  How is the colour reflecting up onto your face? If it’s casting dark shadows or making your skin tone look blotchy or uneven, it’s not an ideal colour for you.

Try using a scarf, cardigan jacket or jewellery to add colours that keep your skin tone even and bring your eyes into clear focus.  Our best colours bring out the best in our complexion, so we don’t need always need to add make-up to add a healthy look.

Colour has the power to provide the fastest transformation so I can’t recommend enough that you discover your palette of colours.

This is just the start of re-evaluating what you need to bring your wardrobe up-to-date and in line with your current activities and wishes.  I can help you further build a wardrobe of clothes that enable you to make many items, without wastage and ultimately bring you joy.  Have a look at my Full Image Transformation description and contact me at your convenience for a complimentary chat.