Balancing Body Proportions - 2 photos of same lady, image on left lady wears red top tucked into black trousers, image on right lady wears blue top over black trousers

You’ll often hear about body shape and scale, but do you consider your proportions, that is the length of your upper body compared to your lower body, and your waist position?

When looking at proportions, we are therefore considering the relationship of your body to your legs as well as the position of your waist.

We are looking to create a balanced body.  Once you understand your proportions you can adjust the way you wear your clothes to give the illusion of a balanced body. The most successful outfits are those in which the waist appears to be in the centre of the torso.


You are high-waisted if:

  • You generally don’t tuck in
  • You do not wear belts on your waistline
  • You have a short midriff (little space between your bust and natural waistline)
  • You often find trouser legs are too short
  • Your hips look high

You are low-waisted if:

  • Your tops feel too short
  • Looking at yourself sideways, your bottom appears low
  • Trousers fit you, but the legs are too long
  • You do not like yourself in full skirts

How To Dress For Your Proportions


High Waist: Leave loose over the waist or blouse over
Balanced: You choose
Low Waist: Tuck in or belt


High Waist: None or lower
Balanced: Leave as is
Low Waist: High or defined


High Waist: Wider-leg trousers are good
Balanced: You choose
Low Waist: You choose, but not too wide


High Waist: You choose
Balanced: You choose
Low Waist: Minimum volume


High Waist: Low-waisted
Balanced: You choose
Low Waist: Empire style is good


High Waist: Low heels or flats
Balanced: You choose
Low Waist: Medium to high heels with open fronts



In the image at the top of this blog, it shows the difference between tucking in a top and wearing one loose.

The 1st  outfit means the body looks unbalanced and there is no definition to the waist.

In the 2nd outfit, the body is much more balanced as the blouse is longer and not tucked in.


During a Style Consultation and Full Image Consultation, we go into more detail and also include the length of your body and legs as well as scale and height.  You can find out more by clicking on the button below