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Fashion Stylists

Fashion stylists tend to be trendsetters and can even spot the trends themselves. They can tell you which colours and styles are trending, and what outfits you should consider.  Typically, they visualize the look before they start to combine outfits and accessories to create it.

Their goal is to achieve a fashionable and appealing outfit that supports the overall concept of the ‘project’ they are styling for, so therefore will tend to focus more on the clothes than the individual.  A fashion stylist’s work will include photoshoots, magazine spreads, TV or print commercials, movies, music videos, etc.

A fashion stylist may or may not have formal training in colours, shapes, dressing personalities, etc. They tap into their creative flair and artistic sense of style.

Personal Stylist/Image Consultant

A personal stylist, or image consultant, can be a both stylist and a personal shopper.  They also provide numerous other services. Personal Stylists offer consultations to analyse your colours and to provide a personal style analysis. This will include assessing your scale, proportions and body shape.

They will help review your wardrobe to ensure the pieces you keep suit your body and style personality. They will then help create outfits that reflect your style and harmonise with your personal colouring. Any items they feel you could benefit from will be suggested, in particular neutral and basic garments that form the cornerstone of a well-balanced wardrobe.

A Personal Stylist’s role even in clothes goes beyond just picking the right clothes.  It combines psychology with fashion. Most consultants tend to analyse your tendencies and patterns when it comes to shopping and coach you on the best purchasing habits.

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