Image of smiling lady with long hair, holding paper bags standing in front of rails of clothes

We may not be doing a lot of clothes shopping, but when you do, how do you plan what you buy?

Here are some tips to help you assess a potential new wardrobe addition:


  • How well does any piece you look at reflect your personal style?
  • Do you like how it looks on your body?

Online, in pics is one thing, but you need to be really happy with how it looks on you.



  • How well does this piece fit into the structure of your wardrobe
  • How versatile is it?
  • Can you wear it with at least 3 other items?
  • Does it work with your lifestyle?

There’s no point wasting money on clothes you’d rarely wear. The garments in your wardrobe should support your life as it is.



  • What’s its quality like?

Both from a subjective stance of the fit and comfort level, and an objective point of view in terms of construction, fabric and durability.


The Fit

Garments should follow the natural curves of your body and allow you to move freely. Nothing should bulge, pucker, billow or wrinkle.



  • Is this the best use of your budget?
  • Or would a different item make a bigger impact on your wardrobe right now?
  • Do you want to buy an item because it’s on sale, you need a pick-me-up, want to celebrate, or you’re just bored?

Take a few minutes to establish that you want to buy a specific piece because it will help you express your personal style and fill a gap in your wardrobe. If you have even an inkling it’s due to one of the reasons above, walk away and think about it more.



  • Do you really love this piece and are you excited to wear it?
  • Can you see yourself wearing it for many seasons?


Going through these questions takes a little more effort than just making a rash decision.

Being thorough before buying something, and spending a few extra minutes is a lot easier than being stressed after a bad buy!