What should I look out for when choosing an Personal Stylist/Image Consultant? Image of manequin next to an open wardrobe of clothes

Prior to looking for an Personal Stylist, think about why you want a Personal Stylist/Image Consultant.

  • Do you need a professional’s style and fashion expertise to help refine or redefine your image and wardrobe?
  • Do you generally know what suits you and what you like, but also like to freshen your wardrobe with new additions from time to time but don’t always have time to shop?

You can start by searching on Google with the name of your town/city or postcode which should return a list of those active in your local area(s), with their contact details and websites. You may also find listings in local publications. 

Secondly, visit their websites to establish the services they offer and their respective costs, but also importantly, to get an idea of their personality, and the type of client they appeal to.  You can do this by ensuring you read their Home Page, About Me section and blog in addition to the sections on the various services. 

If you have been given a personal referral, I would recommend you also do this to get a further idea about the person who will be hosting your consultation.

You’ll undoubtedly get an idea of whom you feel you’d be able to build a rapport with, and with whom you’ll feel your most comfortable. Don’t hesitate to contact them via their website and ask for a chat before you book, or before any planned consultation. This will open the lines of communication for both of you, to answer any questions and help promote a good rapport.

You should find an individual consultant’s professional credentials on their website and social media pages, including training and membership in professional bodies such as the Federation of Image Professionals. 

Membership of the Federation of Image Professionals shows they are recognised within this field, and have undertaken appropriate training.

If you have a specific request but cannot see the service listed on their website or social media platform, do get in touch to ask. Consultants can often make a tailor-made package of services to meet with individual needs of a potential customer.  It can lead to disappointment if a consultant does not offer this option.

There are some new stylist-based companies offering a style experience created by computer algorithms.  But, for the best experience, no algorithm can beat the personal touch and experience of a Personal Stylist.

If you would like to have a chat with me to see if we could be a good match to work together I would love to have a chat with you, just get in touch by clicking the button below