Image of young lady with dark hair tied back in ponytail, wearing a white shirt over a grey vest in living room on a video call

Firstly, consider your background colour to make sure you choose colours to wear that don’t blend in with it and that you stand out.  Also, don’t make video calls with a mirror in the background, as that is completely distracting.

Patterns can be distracting for other people. Large patterns also dominate and take the attention away from your face.  Therefore, plain colours will be the best choice so they are easier for the other person to look at.

Choose colours that flatter you, to make sure you look you’re most radiant. Blue is a good colour on screen whilst some reds can bleed, so it’s best avoided. Avoid too much white as the camera can find it hard to get the balance right. The best way to wear white, is underneath a jacket so the jacket is seen more, or with a lightweight scarf near your face. Lightweight scarves can add some contrast to other block colours too!

Jackets add structure to an outfit which keeps a look professional, whereas draped or folded items can look sloppy.  It is best to ensure you keep any knitwear fitted for this reason.

Wearing make-up gives definition to your features, makes you look healthier and will draw attention to your eyes, which are an important focal point.  Ensure you do not look washed out, as this will detract from what you are saying.

Avoid dangly and noisy jewellery as this is distracting for both you and the other person.

If you are going to wear glasses during a video call, check that they have a non-reflective coating.