Image is of a lady with her back to camera wearing a white and navy pinstripe summer dress with a straw bag over her shoulder standing in front of bushes

If you are shorter than the average height of 1.6 – 1.7 metres (5ft 3″ to 5ft 6″) the art of making yourself look taller will also give the optical illusion of you being slimmer.  Colour combining is the key to success for many aspects of styling and is especially useful when altering the perception of your height.


  • One colour from head to toe always gives the illusion of height.  As well as wearing several pieces in the same colour, or a dress in one colour which ends at the slimmest part of your leg, maxi dresses and jumpsuits create a continuous column of colour.
  • Vertical lines lengthen too. So, dress to make vertical lines on your body, which can be created through the silhouette of a column of colours. You don’t necessarily need to wear vertical stripes!
  • If you want to wear horizontal stripes, opt for smaller/thinner stripes.
  • Keep any patterns in the scale of your body. Larger patterns can overwhelm and make you look shorter.
  • When wearing skirts or dresses, always try and team your hosiery with the hemline colour.
  • To keep the illusion of height, the recommended maximum mixture of colours is two.
  • Use darker or neutral colours to minimise any areas you don’t like – brighter colours in the form of accessories worn near the face will draw attention away from these areas too and draw the eye up.
  • One way to make your legs appear longer is to wear shoes or sandals in the colour of your hosiery, and skirt/dress. Or with trousers, wear the same colour shoe.
  • Shoes with a long toe whether square or pointed will give the look of a longer leg and narrower ankle.
  • Low-fronted or open shoes will elongate the leg and slim the ankle.
  • With heeled or flat sandals, watch where the straps fall – they shouldn’t cut the length of your leg.
  • Shoes with wedge heels are a great way to combine the height of the heel with the comfort and stability of a flat shoe.
  • Pairing a long skirt with keen high boots is an option in winter.
  • Did you know Victoria Beckham is only 5ft 3in.  She dresses in a way to make herself look taller.

If you’d like advice on how to make yourself look taller then please don’t hesitate to get in touch