Image is of a young lady with dark hair pulled back in to a low ponytail, wearing a pale blue blazer and point with her finger and thumb at the camera

If you ever thought that the services of a Personal Stylist, or Image Consultant, are just for the rich and famous, you’ll be pleased to learn that Personal Stylists work with everyone.

Seeking the help of a Personal Stylist/Image Consultant is beneficial to anyone lacking in confidence. Seeking guidance to build your image in the most favourable light, irrespective of occupation makes good sense.  We grow up thinking that if we work hard and are good people, how we look shouldn’t matter,  but unfortunately, it’s not as simple as that.  Research studies show that we are treated like the person we appear to be, not who we actually are necessarily. 

Did you know that in only one-tenth of a second a person who looks at you, forms an opinion of you?

Whilst we may not like it, we know judgements are made on someone’s appearance. For example, assessing whether a person would be more suitable to meet specific clients in a company could easily come down to how they present themselves and their appearance and an applicant with a conservative style of dressing would not necessarily be the first choice candidate for a trend-led fashion business.

Why someone chooses to have various consultations varies from person to person. Their decision could be due to varying life-changing moments such as attending a big interview for a sought-after job, a new business owner wishing to impress potential clients, someone who has found themselves alone after a relationship breakdown or a woman who has worn a uniform most of her working life then finds she’s lost confidence in her ability to confidently choose her best styles and colours. 

If a woman has gone through a major change in life, she can feel somewhat overwhelmed and dissatisfied with her image, even dowdy and invisible.  On gaining the help of a Personal Stylist, seeing the transformation of her image and wardrobe will increase her confidence massively.

So whilst the rich and famous do have their own stylists, we all benefit from the guiding hand and services provided by a Personal Stylist.

If you would like to have a chat to see how you can benefit from a Personal Stylist, please get in touch.