During a colour analysis, we will show you how to wear colour, rather than ‘tell you’ how to wear it, and why particular shades suit your unique colouring.

A great help for future shopping trips, as you will know exactly what to buy, and avoid costly mistakes. It will also enable you to build a cohesive wardrobe that you can easily mix and match. So rather than having a closet full of unwearable clothes, you can achieve a fabulously edited version that will give you years of pleasure. 

I have posted some of my customer’s pictures, where possible, in the past, on my Facebook page and here.

the power of colour

I really feel this picture shows the difference colour can make so sharing it here too! 

My colleague was able to show this young mum how to wear her Clear palette. By adding bright jewel colours to her black and grey neutrals, she is able to make the most of her existing wardrobe, and look fabulous at the same time. 

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