Women’s Online Colour Consultation

If you’re based in any part of the UK, a different location worldwide, or you’d prefer to stay at home for a consultation, you can still learn how to enhance your natural beauty. You can certainly discover your best colours to look radiant and feel great.

 Colour is like food for the spirit – plus it’s not addictive or fattening.
Isaac Mizrahi – Designer

What is an Online Colour Discovery Consultation?

It’s a fairly new and effective way of discovering the best colours to wear for you specifically, from the comfort of your own home.

A selection of photos are analysed using digital drapes then followed up with further analysis during a ‘zoom’ consultation.

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What Happens During An Online Colour Consultation

  • After a preliminary call and questionnaire to get to know you a little better, I analyse your personal colouring from photos, using digital drapes.
  • We then arrange a convenient time for a consultation via zoom (or google meet)
  • During this online session, you’ll be given an explanation of the Colour Analysis System used and which Colour ‘category’ is best suited to your natural colouring.
  • You’ll see why the chosen colours balance and harmonise with your personal look.
  • You’re also invited to have several items from your wardrobe to hand; a couple that you wear and a couple that you’ve never worn. You’ll receive advice on which to avoid and the ones to save with a few ‘tweaks’.
  • You’ll also receive suggested combinations of neutral and accent colours to suit you, including guidance on how to wear black. (This is invaluable advice particularly if it’s not actually included in your personal set of colours).
  • Enhance your look by knowing the best shades of make-up and accessories to choose.

What will you gain from your unique experience?

Inspiration and Confidence – Having witnessed which colours give you a youthful radiance, you will have renewed inspiration to choose alternative combinations from your wardrobe for your various activities and lifestyle, plus the fresh ideas when you need to buy new pieces.

Knowledge – When you know which colours reflect light onto your face, you’ll steer clear of those that cast ‘shadow’s and are ageing. This will ensure you start the day, happy and at ease with your choices.

How to save time and money – The time you spend browsing undecided around shops or via the internet will be vastly reduced as you’ll be able to quickly pick-out the best colour options for you. You’ll stop ‘make-do’ purchases and minimise wasteful impulse buys.

Tools You will take away with you the following tools to assist you in choosing combinations from your wardrobe and when you shop:

  • Your Personal Summary Colour Guide (including make-up shades)
  • A digital palette of 25 colours that best suit you
  • A Seasonal Colour & Style Trend card with tips on what you’ll find in the shops for you.
  • (The option to purchase any make-up discussed)
Colours By Kathy - Digital Palette with photo of Kathy next to it

What will an online colour discovery consultation cost?

Cost:  £147 (includes pre-online meeting analysis)

Duration:  Online Session 1 hour

For ‘Online’ Consultations: please see further details  here

For A Colour Review: please see further details here

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